Why Welling Homeopathy?

Welling Homeopathy is the world leader in speciality Homeopathy Treatment Clinics. Our treatment protocols for Cancer and Fertility are validated the world over.

At Welling Clinic, we have developed our own treatment protocols that are based on the original German science of Homeopathy. 10 years of evidence based research into more than 100,000 pages of literature from the last 200 years have gone in developing our treatment protocols. All research was aided by our licensed state-of-art sophisticated homeopathic software application, developed in Belgium.

The treatment protocol have been extensively tested over the last many years at our busy clinic a Mumbai India.

Welling Clinic employs our safe, gentle & the very effective treatment protocols that seek to stimulate your body’s own natural healing powers to cure rapidly.

Experience the Real Power of Homeopathy



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