WHAT ARE WARTS (Verrucae):-

Warts are small,grainy skin growths that are caused by various types of Human Papilloma Virus which are DNA viruses.

They are transmitted by touch.

Children and young adults are more commonly affected by warts.

Although warts can be on any part of body but commonly affected areas are-

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Genitals
  • Face and Neck


A wart is a skin growth caused by some types of virus called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).There are more than 100 known types of HPV.

HPV infects the top layer of skin , usually entering the body in an area of broken skin. The virus causes the top layer of skin to grow rapidly,forming a wart.

Most warts go away on their own within months or year.


Warts are generally skin colored though they can be darker or lighter than the skin colour.The surface may be smooth or rough.

Shapes may also vary,some warts may be flat,others may be larger or fleshy or may be thin,long and cylindrical.

They are small,fleshy or grainy bumps.

They may occur singly or in multiples.

They are flesh coloured,white,pink or tan.

Rough to touch.

They often contain tiny,black dots which are small ,clotted blood vessels.


1.Common Warts or Verruca Vulgaris-These are firm,skin colour papules of various sizes with verrucous surface.These are most commonly present on the dorsum of hands and fingers.

2.Plain warts or Verruca Plana-It presents as skin colour,slightly raised,flat topped papules.These are usually present on the dorsum of hands and face of the children.

3.Filiform Warts-These are finger like projection with irregular surface and usually seen on the neck,face and scalp.

4.Plantar Warts-These are found on any part of the sole.The lesions are occasionally painful.These are skin-coloured with well defined areas and irregular surface.It has a clear cut margin.

5.Genital Warts or condyloma Acuminata-These are usually transmitted through sexual exposure.the condition presents as fungating masses of verrucous tissues on glans penis,corona,mucosal surface of prepuce ,in urinary meatus in males and on the vulva and vaginal openings in females.Due to moist area of genitals these tend to grow faster than the other variety.

6.Periungual Warts:-These warts grow under and around the toenails and fingernails.They look like rough bumps with an uneven surface and border and can affect nail growth.


Diagnosis can be made just by looking at it.

Skin Biopsy-Scrapping off the top layer of wart to look for the clotted blood vessels.


Allopathic Teatment-

1.Salicylic Acid Preparation-These are available as drops,gels,pads and plasters.

2.Nonprescription Freezing method(cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen therapy)

3.Duct tape

Homeopathic Treatment-

Homeopathic medicines act greatly on warts.The medicines are to be taken orally,there is no local applications.

Homeopathic medicines prevent new one from cropping up as other allopathic methods provide temporary relief.

It prevents the warts from spreading to other parts of the body.

Homeopathic Medicines


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