Eczema is a chronic inflammatory condition of skin,characterized by itching,redness and eruptions on the skin.

It is a general term for many types of skin inflammation.

It is more common in infants.

The condition usually resolves by the age of 3 years but may continue into adulthood.

Eczema may affect many areas of skin but it typically appears on arms and behind the knees.


Eczema runs in families.Certain genes make some people have extra sensive skin.

An overactive immune system is also the cause.

There is defect in the skin barrier contribute to eczema.

  • Triggering Factors 


Contact with irritating substances such as woolen and synthetic fabrics and soap.

Heat and sweat

Cold,dry climates

Dry skin

Dietary allergens like milk products,fish,soya


-Read to brownish gray colored patches.

-Mild to severe itching especially at night.

-Small,raised bumps which may leak fluid and crust when scratched.

-Thickened,cracked or scaly skin

Patches most often appear on hands and feet,in the front of bend of the elbow,behind the knees,on ankles,wrists,face and upper chest.


1.Atopic Dermatitis-It is a chronic skin disease characterized by itchy,inflamed skin.

Causing factors are;Environmental factors like dust,soap,perfumes.

It tends to run in families and people who develop the condition often have a family history of other allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever.

2.Contact Dermatitis-It is a localized reaction that includes redness,itching and burning in areas where skin has come into contact with an allergen.

3.Seborrheic Dermatitis-It is characterized by yellowish,oily,scaly patches of skin on the scalp,face and occasionally other parts of body.

Dandruff and “Cradle Cap” in infants are the examples of it.Emotional stress,oily skin,infrequent shampooing and weather conditions may all increase the risk.

4.Nummular Dermatitis-It is characterized by coin shaped patches of irritated skin.Mostly located on arms,back,buttocks and lower legs.

5.Neurodermatitis (Lichen Simplex Chornicus)-It is a chronic skin inflammation caused by scratch itch cycle that begins with a localized itch,becomes intensely irritated when scratched.Women are more commonly affected.

6.Stasis Dermatitis-It is a skin irritation on lower legs.Generally related to circulatory problems (venous insufficiency).Most common in middle-aged and elderly people.

7.Dyshydrotic Dermatitis-It is an irritation of skin on palms and soles,characterized by clear,deep blisters that itch and burn.The cause is unknown.


It is typically diagnosed based on an examination of skin and review of medical history.

Physian may need to take a small scraping from the eczema lesion to examine it under microscope to ruling out fungal infection.

Skin biopsy may be required to rule out certain other condition of skin.

Allergy test may be done to check for irritants and allergens that are the causative factors for eczema.

Patch test is also done for substances that are capable of inducing eczematous reaction especially in case of Contact Dermatitis.


Allopathic Treatment-

-Corticosteroids creams and ointments


-Oral histamines


-Light therapy

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines correct the deviated immune process which is the root cause of eczema.

Its extent,severity and further progress can also be controlled by our treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines-

Ant.crud.,Ars.,Ars.i.,Berb-aqua.,Caps.,Dulc.,merc.,Rhus t.,Sulph.,Thuj

Self Care-

-Use mild soap and moisturizer

-Take warm showers

-Reduce stress

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